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A Weave / The Fragment 

sound, installation

“The domain of the stranger is always an elusive elsewhere.”
—Saidya Hartman

In 2013 I was invited to Ghana to take part in an art+architecture residency. I worked with a community in a small rural town to design and build an open-air theater for a youth dance and drumming group. Audiovisual materials gathered during my 8-week experience, along with the reflections from a journal that I kept throughout my stay, offer many entry points for deepening my on-going understanding of the trip. Installed at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, A Weave / The Fragment features an 8’x8’ black box, 8 channels of generative audio, audio reactive LEDs, and kente scarves from Ghana.

The work probes the complexities of travel as a process of becoming. Alluding to memory, desire, expectation, migration, and the jigsaw of identity, the (re)collection diffuses an audio collage that includes spoken extracts from journal entries, literary references, location recordings, processed samples from Ghanaian musicians and sounds of travel ephemera. An “alien” reality emerges, and offers an ever evolving glimpse into the trancendental Other.

Additional audiovisual documentation coming soon. 

8’-8” room, audio, custom software, electronics, ephemera