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environmental sound + field recordings

circle b reserve / lakeland, FL / US_ 2018

pownal, VT / US_2020-2022

pownal, VT / US_2021

abetenim, GHANA_2013

and then // st. petersburg, FL US_2014

recipe hyperlapse // every step of a meal process recorded and stitched together // an experiment with sensing time using music in one version, and unedited field recordings in another.

Surrounded By Incarnations

released 04/07/2023

Shifting waves of tape loops featuring voice, electronics, and field recordings recorded on Technics RS-1506.

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Co-regulating the spectrum: Meanwhile, the wave

Radiophonic piece for︎︎︎ + wave farm WGXC 90.7fm︎︎︎

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Electric Streams of Wind

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SMFA Student Work Broadcast

SMFA/Tufts 1630AM
Produced by José A. Rivera

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Futures and The Instability

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Rare Frequency:58

Live radiophonic perfomance 2.2.17



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sound design

La nueva ola de añil (The New Indigo Wave)_ , 2024 ︎︎︎
original music, sound design, foley dialgoue editing, audio restoration, mixing 

For the Wild Podcast, ongoing︎︎︎
producer and editor: script & dialogue editing, audio restoration, mixing, music selection, spoken credits

Made & Played
_ Nereya Otieno x Whetstone Radio Collective, in process
       dialogue editing, mixing, sound design for podcast

can i get a witness? _ Lead to Life x For the Wild Podcast
sound recording, mixing, editing and design for 5-part video series

A Sigil’s Landscape _ , 2022
       sound recording & original music for 3-part video series

between starshine & clay _ Lead To Life production, 2021
sound recording, mixing, editing and design for 15 min. ritual film

Exordium _ Laura Knott + Kevin McLellan, 2019
sound design, recording, mixing + editing  for 11 min. film 

Black Pond _ Jessica Rinland, 2017
sound recording, mixing, editing and design for 50 min. film

Planes _ Janne Höltermann, 2016
sound design, editing for 45 min. film

Control Automation _ Yusef Audeh, 2016
original music, mixing, editing, design for 6 min. film