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Blue Ecology for Future Memory      
audio, transmssion art, sci-fi

p-one telescope / radio amnion: jol thoms

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Pyrodinium Bahamense, Worm Moon 2023, Luciferous, bath feedback recording schematic, Puerto Rican Trench

Blue Ecology for Future Memory is a transmission art piece commissioned by Radio Amnion ︎︎︎, a sonic platform and initiative by artist, jol thoms.  RA transmits audio through an underwater telescope as an “invocation, blessing, and affimation for and to the Ocean, streamed in those remote cyclic depths that irrigate our connected lives and worlds.” - RA

The piece was transmitted during the full Worm Moon from March 6-8, 2023 through the P-one Telescope, online via the Radio Amnion Online Platform, and also broadcast on WGXC 90.7-FM: Radio for Open Ears ︎︎︎

BEfFM playfully imagines a near-future science fiction scenario from the perspective of Cloud CoverageTM, a new cloud-based telepathy therapy recording service, and the latest project from one of the most profitable companies in the field, Isostasy Teletherpathy Equilibrium. Their innovative technology allows users “access to their own minds, the freedom to explore the depths of their own psychology” with an “empathy-trained” artificial intelligence therapy subscription app, IsostasyTM. A headset is required for harvested biometric data to inform the Emotional Energy Web ConnectionTM, which is powered by patented Empathy Support TechnologyTM; the AI engine behind the award-winning, Isostasy Voice CompanionTM.

The session recording mysteriously begins in the middle of the now famous exchange, when Amber The Therapist asks the user to share about how they have been singing in their sleep again. The sequence of tones heard while asleep spurs an intimate outpouring that sees the user enter a future dream in the present of memories, an exciting time when they experience swimming in a bioluminescent lagoon in Puerto Rico as a child. From the nature of the recording, the user speaks in the present tense, so it is unclear if the session displays either (or all together) a dream, an active memory, a state of hypnosis, a a past-life regression, or a remote glimpse into multiverse multiplicities. Whichever, time reveals that they encounter the Dinoflagellate Overmind, a phytoplankton super consciousness that is behind both the cobalt-colored water lightning, and also the only marine product to be listed as a chemical weapon, Saxitoxin.

In each moment, the user’s hypersensitive experience of ultra-terrestrial contact becomes a whirling portal that enables the telepathic Pyrodinium Bahamense to enter the session, rippling through the system and generating copies of itself. This type of interspecies meta-teletherpathy is a phenomenon now known as Vertical Migration, or in this special case, Double Contact at the Event Horizon. In this particular instance of an expanded state of interspecies communication, it seems as if the user is able to receive messages in the form of ancient secret-containing, eco-cultural technologies. At the same time, Pyrodinium is corrupting the Isostasy Voice CompanionTM with the potent neurotoxin, Saxitoxin. The session recording captures multiple psycho-sonic knowledge transfer disruptions due the various system glitches occurring during the dynamic exchange, which is all of a sudden cut short due to an apparent combination of an expiring free trial period and a lack of Wet Coin funds in the user’s account.

There is a healthy amount of skepticism about this leaked recording in the public due to a whistleblower’s claim that what we hear now is a redacted version. Some say they have heard the full original recording which includes “lost time,” which supposedly captures the user’s multiple contact experiences with greater depth. Many have speculated that the user’s dream tones simultaneously serve as a software update, a cosmic download, and an ancient key-seed that, once dormant, now awakens to activate something deep within the user’s being. The hidden audio footage allegedly reveals shocking details of the dinoflagellates’s true ancient origins as fallen sentient moon dust, and their ongoing activities at a UFO base under the island, found deep within the waters of the Puerto Rican Trench.

Text, sound, and voice (user and Pyrodinium Bahamense) by José Alejandro Rivera (Proxemia).

Additional AI voices featuring Amber, #667777 (Isostasy Voice CompanionTM) and Cora, #653214 (Isostasy System Default) from