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sound, installation

A meditation on home, a 2-channel installation piece incorporates composed location recordings made from inside. The domestic sonic space serves as an embedded portal, offering a contrasting experience to that of a sterile, corporate, cold and unremarkable working space. Installed at the very end of a long and labyrinthine corridor, flanked by countless unused offices and a plethora of excess furniture, locating and listening to the piece reflects on arriving home after a long day’s work.

Sounds include steps along different materials, electromagnetic recordings from blinking basement lights, electronics, and a water heater, various room ambiences, transmitted spaces with use of the intercom system, and voice:

“Floating—the tips of my toes grazing the ground. Almost, but not quite. Grounding. Getting to know the slope of crooked floors, the rattle of steamy bones, the smell of each corner. Imprinting on each other—creating new patterns, guided by floorboard grooves.” — Alyssa Irizarry

Part of Non-Event 2018 Winter Fundraiser Show, it was installed in the 6th floor corridor of The Hancock Tower Building (The Yard) in Boston, MA.

Running time: 21.30 minutes on loop. Listen here.

More details on the event here.

Audio monitors, XLR cables, Computer, MOTU interface, software