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sound, field recording

As a meditation on home, this composition makes use of location recordings that explore the strangeness that can be found in the familiar. The piece was then embedded as 2-channel installation into the labyrinthine corridor of an office space in Boston. Check out the installation here︎︎︎.

Sounds include electromagnetic recordings from blinking basement lights and appliances, exploration of different materials, transmitted spaces with use of the building’s intercom system, and voice:

“Floating—the tips of my toes grazing the ground. Almost, but not quite. Grounding. Getting to know the slope of crooked floors, the rattle of steamy bones, the smell of each corner. Imprinting on each other—creating new patterns, guided by floorboard grooves.” — Alyssa Irizarry

Running time: 21.30 minutes. Recorded and composed in Cambridge, MA. Designed as looped for installation.