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School of the Museum of Fine Arts | Boston, MA
The Practice of Everyday Listening examined a variety of conceptual approaches to the role of sound in everyday environments. Through soundwalks, field recording, listenings, readings, and other “ear cleaning” exercises, students developed critical listening and recordings skills. Strategies and techniques were drawn from texts including R. Murray Schafer’s acoustic ecology philosophy and then applied to the students' projects.

A History of Sonic Art examined the historical, theoretical and aesthetic bases of sound, noise, and music throughout modernity. The course took as its point of departure from the development of mechanical media following the stages of industrialization in the early twentieth century. Roughly chronological, the course traced the early European Avant-Garde through to post-war experimentation, and then onto postmodern sampling, laptop culture, and the acceptance and expansion of "sound art" within the institution of art.

SMFA/Tufts 1630AM broadcast of student work. Orginal air date 12.18.2019. Produced by José A. Rivera.

Featuring work by Myshko Chumak (Enclosed Seas), Camila A. Sanchez-Longo (Sound of Resistance), Juyon Lee (Train Rides during Morning Rush Hour), David Mansour (The Air Chase), Ben Mertik (untitled), Logan Fang Yee (untitled), Kayla Le Heux (untitled), Jamie Doo (Sonic Kintsugi), and Kaycee Feldman’s Harmony of Disparity. Intro sounds by Proxemia (José A. Rivera, Electric Streams of Wind).

Mobile Subjects Workshop
deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum | MA
2019—JUN 15

Mobile subjects was a workshop I developed around sound and sensory perception, physical movement, and spatial thinking. Participants were encouraged to focus on sounds at particular points on site, and interpret their observations during listening, drawing, and slow movement portions of the program. Maps made from memory were created, shared, and discussed among the group.

The program was 1/3 of my engagement with the deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum, which also included a live performance and field activation︎︎︎ of Andy Graydon’s City Lights Orchestra piece, and an artist talk.

Art + Nature Program, Performance + Event, Workshop, Artist Talk