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currently off air *

info:: this is a sporadic and often spontaneous experiment to explore standing wave feedback transmissions, broadcast live environmental feeds from my rural home in VT, and share ongoing works in progress.

Currently broadcasting via SHOUTcast Server v2.5 and sometimes a CZE-T251 87.5-108Mhz 0-25W FM broadcast transmitter for those in the area.

* If you’d like to work together on live radio show/reading/performance, reach out︎︎︎


_reading session transmission [Pownal, VT] 1.05.24
_Editing session transmission [Pownal, VT] 3.05.24
_Live environment feedback transmission [Pownal, VT] 3.10.24
_Live environment feedback transmission [Pownal, VT] 4.12.23
_Editing session transmission [Pownal, VT] 7.02.22

_Live transmission of Blue Ecology for Future Memory [Full Moon] 3.6-8.23 ︎︎︎ _Live environment transmission [Pownal, VT] 2.18.23
_Live environment transmission [Pownal, VT] 1.10.23

_Unlocking the Air // rehearsal live transmission w/ Tyler Rai [Northhampton, MA] 9.14.22
_Live, unedited location recordings from PR 8.12.22

_Live environment transmission [Pownal, VT] 8.04.22
_Editing session transmission [Pownal, VT] 7.02.22
_Live environment transmission [Pownal, VT] 6.28.22
_Live environment transmission [Pownal, VT] 6.04.22
_proxemia // disquiet junto archive [2014-2018] 5.25.22
_time pocket clock, wk 10, 5.04.22
_time pocket clock, wk 6, 4.19.22
_Live, works in progress 4.08.21
_time pocket clock, wk 4, 3.05.22
_time pocket clock, wk 1, 2.04.22
_Live environment transmission [Pownal, VT] 1.21.22
_Live environment transmission [Pownal VT] 1.02.22
_Live environment transmission [Pownal VT] 12.10.21
_Live, works in progress 11.08.21
_Live, works in progress 10.15.21
_Live performance 9.24.21 9am
_Live environment transmission [Pownal VT] 08.08.21
_Live, works in progress 7.02.21
_Live, works in progress 5.15.21
_proxemia // Electric Streams of Wind broadcast 5.02.21
_Live performance 4.02.21
_Live performance 3.14.21
_Live environment transmission [Pownal VT] 2.07.21
_Live performance 1.18.21
_Black and Buddhist in America, 2018︎︎︎
_Holotrophic Breathwork: A Conversation with Christina & Stanislav Grof, MD︎︎︎
_Carlos Castaneda Interview with Theodore Roszak, 1969︎︎︎
_Live, works in progress 12.18.20
_Lewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Joanna Macy, & Dekila Chungyalpa: Spiritual Ecology: A Spiritual Response to the Ecological Crisis, 2013︎︎︎
_Live performance 11.10.20 9am