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Becoming Otherwise


Course Description︎︎︎
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Why Participate?︎︎︎
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Why isn’t this free?

Your contribution will support the labor, energy, and research toward shaping and offering this course. This financial support will go towards cultural workers and practitioners who will be invited as guests to share their work and/or practice. Funds will also go toward the design and hosting of an online platform/network that will be driven by the content and involvement of participants.

Why aren’t you teaching this through an institution?

This is an active process of practicing vulnerability ︎. It is an experiment in learning what it means to create a space for knowledge exchange and collective dreaming. In 2018, I created a different version of this course that was situated in a more academic, 13-week, semester-based environment. It has been recently redesigned, and seeks to respond to the current moment while being more available to others outside a particular location or academic context.

Can’t I just download a meditation app? Why focus on the group?

Yes! I think meditation apps are great in many ways. Part of this course will attempt to address the many routes, paths, and tools—contemporary and historical—that may help us better understand ourselves, how we perceive, and how we engage with the world in practical levels that suit us as participants. Psychonautic experiences often surpass our abilities to talk about them. The group is seen as a mycelial mirror, a springboard, a collaborative possibility, and an opportunity to challenge or deepen the way we communicate our experiences to others. The group is intended to operate as an organic “open container” to help us to sit with and celebrate vulnerability/possible failure, become undone, rest, and create together.

2020 José A. Rivera