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Becoming Otherwise


Course Description︎︎︎
Guiding Questions ︎︎︎
Why Participate?︎︎︎
Suggested Financial Contribution︎︎︎
Course Breakdown & Schedule︎︎︎
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Why Participate?

You feel called to explore your Self in community, and are interested in the possibility of cultivating a new practice. You have past or ongoing inner research experience and wish to deepen or reformulate your practice. You sense a need for rest/exploration/movement beyond previous or current ways you show up in your life. You are interested in what it means to hold paradox, and/or to hold curiosity for what may play at your ideas of what is “normal.” You wish to engage with and interrogate notions of what it means to learn. You are willing to listen deeply to yourself as well as other worlds outside your own. You want to bring new questions and/or perspectives to your work, your community, and/or your understanding of being a person on Earth today.

However, this course may not be for you if: your ideas of Self, Other, or consciousness cannot tolerate any challenge to your views or beliefs; you are unable to sit with more questions than clear solutions; you do not value the experiences of others; you find no use in exploring other ways of showing up in your life or your community; or you are experiencing issues that require professional support or care.

If you have questions or want to chat about whether this course is right for you, please get it touch with me︎︎︎.

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