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Becoming Otherwise


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Guiding Questions

We will consider questions such as: How can our maps be constantly remade and aligned with positions of openness, curiosity, uncertainty, and discovery? At a time of immense conflict, suffering, change, and possibility, how can accessing the imaginal realm serve to envision new futures for ourselves and our communities? What is the space between our stories? Are the walls breathing? What is a digital sangha? Does the Self exist outside the boundaries of time and space? Are we in a simulation? How can the contemporary phenomenon of self-learning impact spirituality? Can the normal and paranormal be integrated? How have individuals entered and navigated inner worlds and “non-ordinary” realities to overcome past traumas? What is spiritual bypassing? How can contemporary practices of healing and transformation respect Indigenous ways of knowing? How does “experience seeking” and cultural appropriation threaten practices and cultures rooted in specific spiritual traditions? How can the patriarchal, white, capitalist narrative of psychedelic therapy be challenged? What does a decolonized yoga practice feel like? What is the relationship of self-experimentation across spiritual, therapeutic, scientific, and/or creative fields? How does acknowledging similarities and differences of unitive and personal psychonautic experience inform how one engages with the more-than-human world? How do we maintain a sense of grounding while moving beyond the systems and illusions of normalcy that seek to keep us unhealthy? How can self-care be activism? Can we listen beyond sound?

2020 José A. Rivera